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Guitar Photo.jpg
Guitar Photo.jpg

This is a shadow box project I did for a client who wanted to preserve her late father's guitar.

This included a piece of blood-stained cloth from the mortal wound to President Lincoln. I encapsulated it along with the identifying note in a box made of rag mat board with a museum glass top. I recessed it into a mat with photos and engraved plates describing the history of that tragic and historic night.

This was a different way to encase a presented flag with the certificate describing the presentation. The flag was placed in a custom triangular box made of acid-free foam core and mounted on the back of a double mat so as not to damage the flag. The small edge around the mat is what holds the flag in place.

This project was all about incorporating the feeling of simpler times as depicted in the photo. I decided to create the mat by using a piece of gingham tablecloth to represent the sense of home.

An original painting of Jack Nicklaus and his sons framed with conservation quality double mat in a green metal frame glazed in museum glass.

F.E. Huntington's box seat marker from the newly built OSU stadium in 1922 and an original program from the dedication of the stadium. It is in a single mat with a wood filet around each mat opening. The photo frame, program and engraved plate were recessed into the mat, and the bronze marker was placed deeper in a shadow box fashion.

A double mat with the signed President's Cup tournament flag in a shadow box manner with the team photo and an engraved plate of the team names.

This is a framed book with only the note and signature of Fredrick Douglass showing. The book was left in its entirety for historic reasons and the other half of the book is behind the laser-engraved photo of Mr. Douglass.

This piece was done as a retirement gift for a GE sales executive. He enjoyed fishing and I used a fishing stringer as a border decoration with a combination of fishing lures and logos of some of his clients. The image was printed on aluminum to give the impression of the reflection of water.

Various nursing school memorabilia as encased in an acrylic dome.

These were designed to change out the photographs of monthly guests to the Chef's Table. Both the photo and the name plates were designed to change every month. The frames were representative of the stainless steel kitchen and the mat colors coordinated with the interior of the entrance to the restaurant.

This was a prop used to demonstrate the concept of a Wendy's commercial to present to a key member of the team. The bottom is an oak frame with a custom acrylic dome. The base is a black laminated panel with routed indentations for the models' tires.

I designed these awards that were given to the contributors of the Parade of Homes. They were made entirely of wood, with oak frames, laser-engraved veneer backgrounds with laser cuts, and engraved tree and Parade signs made of maple.

This is an antique metal television without its components. A lighted panel was installed in the top of the interior to light the toys inside the TV case. The base was a custom-made acrylic cabinet for display of additional representative toys.

This is a frame of OSU women's golf teams that was presented to a retiring coach. The mat was ink jet printed with the message and the Ohio State logo.

This is a framed Columbus Dispatch article about life in a theater orchestra. It was done for a musician who performs for the orchestra, and portrays the feeling of a stage with curtains by using layers of cut mat board and shadow boxing the article into the frame.

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